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Our Approach

One of my favorite eateries in Jackson, Wyoming is the New York City Sub Shop. Each sandwich starts with fresh-baked Italian bread, meat, garnish and embellished with various standard options to your order.

The courteous and knowledgeable staff are willing to answer questions and help you to be an informed and, hopefully, a repeat customer. Ultimately you, the customer, select options you believe affords you the best value.

We take the same approach to architecture. We ease you into this new world of building design by beginning with the Discovery and Review of the Options (DRO) and develop a thorough Program of Requirements (POR).

As we journey together, our goal is to empower you to be bold with your choices, feel confident in your decisions, and satisfied with your solutions.

--Tom Hines, Architect

Areas of Expertise


“A good building that understands the rules, explains itself in its form and spaces, tells us where to go and what to expect. It emphasises those parts that are public and important. Even I the smallest house there is a distinction between back and front doors, between living-room and attic windows. Only in recent large buildings have we lost this sense of hierarchy, so that it is hard to discover whether the block at the end of the street is a hotel, office, or civic centre.”
--HRH The Prince of Wales - A Vision of Britain

Facilities unique to the owner’s particular needs require the creative effort to balance function, aesthetics, durability, and affordability in operation. We understand this and bring to the customer these working relationships and years of developing design experiences that respond to unique dreams and desires. Projects include commercial, residential, ecclesiastical, industrial, and institutional designs.

Design/Build Management

Competitive markets develop creative and ingenious ideas, changing the fortunes of an individual or an entire company, and benefiting the consumer. We have facilitated several projects helping clients corner ‘niche’ markets, resulting in continued growth.

Future ideas, one-of-a-kind, or just fun market dabbling, we know how to blend problem-solving through the architecture with client-driven plans, goals, and objectives. Solutions that suit culture and style while providing safe and secure places to relax, entertain, or grow a business—minimal maintenance, low energy bills, and even showing off a little.

Providing a full range of design services as a method of converging the project’s expectation and reality, we offer the design/build vehicle, managing both the design and building of the project. This seamless transition through all phases of the design and construction process provides the best value to our clients.


Discussions about sustainable systems and the benefits of appropriate stewardship of energy resources focus on the building’s shell system materials and methods. Materials include masonry, EPS core structural insulated panels (SIPs), light gauge steel, and spray-applied biobased urethane foam insulation.

The economic diversity of proven systems such as concrete tilt-up panels as integrated retaining foundations systems combines multiple tasks of different systems into a straightforward process. This concept contributes to economic building envelopes, reduced construction schedules, and zero-energy operation strategies.

We have successfully used and emphasized engineering strategies for over thirty years in the commercial, ecclesiastical, medical clinic, and commercial arenas. Past projects include collaboration with Texas engineers in applications of water-based HVAC Systems for the corrosive environments of water and wastewater facilities.

Forensic Investigations

For municipalities, churches, school districts, and many businesses, as examples, owning and maintaining buildings may well be a default result of their mission and not the purpose of their mission. Buildings aging in place, for a variety of reasons, eventually show their age, and the deferred maintenance opportunities expand.

Guiding the client through the review of existing conditions, gathering the information necessary to understand the cause and extent of the damage, and recommendations for the repair and rehabilitation design strategy engages them to participate in the solution process.

Project deliverables include cause and origin studies, stabilization designs, damage assessment and documentation, repair and rehabilitation design, existing condition reports, energy evaluation, assessments, and recommendations.


“Not so long ago we had an agreed way of doing things, an unspoken code if you like. No, perhaps, we really need to write a few things down in a code. I’m not talking about the arbitrary and unfathomable regulations that already exist, which need a whole branch of legal profession to interpret. I’m talking almost a sort of ‘ten commandments’, or ‘ten principles’, with sensible and widely-agreed rules, saying what people can and what they cannot do.”
HRH The Prince of Wales - A Vision of Britain

Comprehensive project planning establishes an orderly process for guiding the project progress, including specific strategies and steps for implementation, development, and establishing incremental overall guidance in the decision making process. In the master planning of residential sites, commercial campuses, or a wastewater or industrial site, the client is an integral part of the process of creating genuinely beautiful places.


Tom Hines - Architect, LLC attributes our success to the relationships we have with our excellent consultants, subcontractors, and vendors that help us not only get the job done, but to also deliver successful projects...