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Our Design Philosophy

Building facilities unique to your needs requires imagination and effort to balance function, aesthetics, durability, and affordability in operation. We help clients move through these challenges and manifest their dreams and desires in tangible forms.

Our expertise in multiple disciplines helps us to approach each project with clear goals and objectives, allowing us to serve our clientele with a diverse palette of skills and a deep well of knowledge.

When discussing our approach to design with new clients, I like to tell the story of holidays at my daughter's. The holidays are always a special time at my daughter's house, especially when baking cookies with the kids.

Bright faces smile as the dough rolls out on the granite island top. The toppings and sprinkles seem to appear as if by magic. Each of her three daughters picks out their cookie-cutter patterns, and soon she and each of the girls have their own uniquely inspired cookies. The same dough, similar cookie patterns, the same toppings, and no two cookies alike and influenced by various options. The cookies are the evidence of each granddaughter's unique vision and inspiration - which is precisely our design philosophy at Tom Hines Architect.

The same tools on every project shape your vision and inspiration, needs, wants, and wishes into such that you ‘Live in the Reality of your Dream's Vision™’.

Meet Your Architect

Tom Hines

Lincoln Logs, American Bricks, and Lego Blocks occupied my time as a child and my time with my son during his childhood. Discovering the discipline of how detail and appropriate executions caused one unit to function in agreement with another was a seed that sprouted and guided my life towards architecture.

I founded Tom Hines Architect (THA) in 1995, primarily working with owners of pre-1900 Texas Style masonry buildings for stabilization, restoration, and adaptive reuse.

I've always had a passion for the restoration and stabilization of Texas Style Older Buildings of masonry and wood construction systems throughout my career.

Before settling in Stephenville, Texas, my work with the pre-civil war era masonry buildings in New Orleans, Louisiana, expanded an understanding of differing masonry structures and helped me develop extensive resources of problem-solving tools for challenging projects.

By applying new technologies and embracing innovative techniques to restore and repurpose older Texas-style buildings, Tom Hines Architects are actively building a more sustainable future for our clients, their neighborhoods, our state, and the environment.

I also design and advocate for smaller, more energy-efficient, and more affordable basic homes.

Masonry Expert, Author, & Lecturer

I've authored or co-authored multiple peer-reviewed technical papers for national and international symposiums on a range of subjects, including efficiency in construction, masonry education, and restoration of masonry structures.

A licensed architect in Texas, I hold a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Texas at Arlington.

I have served as associate and adjunct faculty at various Texas institutions of higher education and have frequently presented as a guest lecturer at Texas A&M University.

Tom Hines



  • Small Business Enterprise - Texas Department of Transportation; City of Austin, Texas; City of Fort Worth, Texas; City of San Antonio, Texas; North Central Texas Regional Certification Agency (NCTRCA); South Central Texas Regional Certification Agency (SCTRCA); North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA)
  • RESNET HERS Associate - Residential Energy Services Network - Housing Energy Rating System
  • Award of Merit - Affordable Housing and Design Technology, City of Winston-Salem, North Carolina
  • Charrette Planner - National Charrette Institute
  • Guest Lecturer - College of Architecture, Texas A&M University
  • Associate Faculty - Architecture and Technology Division Collin County College, Frisco, Texas
  • Adjunct Faculty - College of Architecture, University of Texas, Arlington
  • Tau Sigma Delta - Honor Society in Architecture, Texas A&M University


Mr. Hines is author or co-author of more than ten peer-reviewed technical papers for national and international symposiums subjects ranging masonry education, efficiency in construction and masonry restoration in addition to the article on dry-stack affordable masonry construction for Aberdeen's Magazine of Masonry Construction.


Texas A&M University College of Architecture
Three case-study presentations in a series of topics discussing stabilizing and cleaning masonry buildings and alternatives applications of masonry systems contributing to affordable construction.


Master of Architecture - University of Texas at Arlington
Bachelor of Science in Architecture - University of Texas at Arlington


State of Texas - Architect, Interior Designer
NCARB Certificate


Commissioner, City of Stephenville, Texas Planning & Zoning Commission
City of Arlington, Texas - Arlington Housing Authority
Neighborhood Stabilization Program - New Prototype Homes
Single Family Residence
Group Home - developed for homeless, single, pregnant mothers.

of Peers

Honesty & Transparency - “Mr. Hines has excellent organizational skills and a strong work ethic. He is always precise in his work. He also works amazingly with other professional team members and loves to collaborate with others and their ideas. Over the past nineteen months, I have found clarity in his thinking, honesty with transparency in his business dealings, accuracy in his recommendations, and truthfully appropriate with his opinions.”
Adel Azer, Owner, Trusted Remodeling, Inc.

Professionality & Fairness - “I have personally been involved with Mr. Hines as we worked for his company on many projects for several years. He has always proceeded in a professional manner, and has been fair with our company when challenges presented themselves as they often do in the construction business.

We always look forward to any project where we can work with Mr. Hines, as we know it will be a successful job for both our company and the customer. I highly recommend Mr. Hines to you. I think he will be a great asset to you in any projects you have planned.”
Doug House, Vice-President, WilHouse Sheet Metal, Inc.

Diligence & Thoroughness - “Tom and I have worked on several projects together for over more than five years. He has always had the Client's best interest at heart. Tom is diligent and thorough on all of his projects.”
Lewis Arnold, P.E., Arnold Engineering, PLLC

Responsibility & Ethics - “I have worked with Tom for several years on two or three municipal water projects and have found him to be very competent and honest, a professional in every manner. He is very familiar with the Construction Document and Construction Administration process of Project Delivery. I believe he is capable with most of the electronic drafting programs. Tom has always acted responsibly and ethically in all of our collaborations.”
Randall H. Walton, AIA, NCIA, NCARB, Principal, Walton & Walton Architecture - Interior Design

Performance - “...I would like to provide a reference for Mr. Hines. I am an electrical engineer that has worked with Mr. Hines on previous projects for municipal clients and have known Mr. Hines for over ten years. Mr. Hines is a good architect who is very professional in his work. He has always stayed true to his morals and always performed ethically.”
Mr. Timothy E. Campbell, P.E. LKC-ES Engineering Service

Detail-Oriented - “I am a licensed Structural Engineer and I have known and have had the pleasure of workingwith Mr. Stephen Thomas Hines intermittently on various projects over the past seventeen (17) years. Mr. Hines is of excellent character and reputation. He acts in a professional manner andis honorable, reliable, and dependable. His experience as an Architect is broad and diverse, andhe has demonstrated sound technical knowledge within his profession.”
John Tornberg, Principal, Structural Solutions, Inc.

Quality Leadership - “As a Project Director at GL Barron, Tom demonstrated an exceptional ability to lead a design team in a truly collaborative and integrated process. He is truly an innovative, results-driven professional that excels in all phases of architecture, utilizing his strong organizational and management skills to articulate his design intent to clients.”
Antonio Dorsey, Project Designer, G.L. Barron

Highly Skilled - “Tom's level of knowledge of ArchiCAD and his intuitive ability to problem solve is a great strength. His experience enables him to effectively coordinate design issues with consultants and clients to achieve the desired results. Tom also brings the foresight to set-up projects effectively at an early stage to ensure success over the progression of the project.”
Doug Mayfield, Architectural Intern, Hallum Architects, Inc.


Tom Hines - Architect, LLC attributes our success to the relationships we have with our excellent consultants, subcontractors, and vendors that help us not only get the job done, but to also deliver successful projects...