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Trinity River Authority CRWS

Central Chilled Water Plant and HVAC Upgrade of Ten Buildings

Grand Prairie, Texas

Client: Trinity River Authority
Location: 6500 W. Singleton Blvd.
Grand Prairie, Texas 75212
Project Type: Industrial - Water/Wastewater, Changing of existing HVAC air-to-air systems to air-to-water systems
  • Ten occupied buildings affected by the modifications


This regional treatment facility is one of the largest and best operated plants in Texas. Since its inception in 1959, the CRWS treatment plan increased its production capabilities and facilities. Expansion during the 1980s placed new clarifying basins around the previously constructed laboratory and administration building. The height of the basins rise above the roof line of these buildings.

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S), a very poisonous and corrosive gas, is heavier than air and settles over most of the plant, causing deterioration of steel, copper, tin, and similar metals. Once inside a building, the corrosive air imposed deleterious affects on all steel, copper, chrome metals, and lab instruments.

Chilled water systems are placed in scrubbed and clean interior environments yielding clean air scrubbed of the hydrogen sulfide (H2S). Systems consist of three 400 ton chillers, 3 condenser water pumps, 3 chilled water pumps, 3 redundant chilled water pumps, a chilled water supply and return pipeline distribution system, and air scrubbing filters.

Principal, Project Manager: Tom Hines
Owner: Trinity River Authority
General Contractor: Infinity Contractors International, Ltd.
Architect: Tom Hines, Architect
Prime Engineer of Record: Vic Weir Consulting, Inc.
Civil: Alan Plumber Associates, Inc.
Structural: JQ Dallas
Mechanical, Plumbing: Vic Weir Consulting, Inc.
Electrical: LKC-ES