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Gloss-Tex Industries

Mine Hill, New Jersey

Client: Mine Hill Industrial Park
Location: 118 Iron Mountain Road
Mine Hill, New Jersey
Project Type: Industrial - Office - Warehouse
  • Two story
  • Area - 11,000 SF
  • Construction Type - IIB with explosion relief panels


As one of only five manufacturers nationwide producing bulk nail polish and coatings, Gloss-Tex industries began to see its business outgrow former facilities in Newark, New Jersey. A decision to move prompted new facilities in the industrial park. The front portion of the building contains offices and mechanical facilities on two floors of 1,400 square feet each; the rear of the building is the manufacturing area for bulk coatings. The nature of the raw material is of varying flashpoint potential, from very low to very high, thus creating a highly hazardous area.

The metal panels seen on the sides and rear of the building are the explosion relief panels to comply with the BOCA and NFPA requirements.

Designer & Professional of Record: Tom Hines
Contractor: Mine Hill Industrial Park
Architect: Tom Hines
Structural: Tom Hines
Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing: Contractor