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The Hammond House

Restoration and Stabilization

Calvert, Texas

Client: Mr. William (Bill) Norton
Location: 604 Elm Street
Calvert, Texas
Project Type: Historic Preservation - Restoration and Stabilization
  • National Register of Historic Places - 1970
  • Two-story Hammond House area - 3,578 SF
  • Two-story kitchen building area - 883 SF


As quoted from the historical marker:

After Calvert became the county seat in 1870, leaders commissioned St. Louis architect W.P. Ingraham, in 1875, to design build Robertson County’s first courthouse and jail which opened June 1, 1876; but before its completion, Franklin was named county seat in 1879 and served the needs of the county until 1880.

Robert A. Brown, a merchant, investor, and planter, purchased this building in 1885. With the help of his wife, Lucy Herndon Brown, he made it into a residence. In 1909 his heirs sold it to Mrs. Fannie L. Hammond, who in turn, sold the house to her daughter, Susie Hammond Norton, in whose family it remained until 1966 when it became a museum. In September, 1995, the Calvert Chamber of Commerce deeded the Hammond House to Mrs. Hammond’s grandson, Mr. Bill Norton.

The first of four phases for stabilizing, restoration, and occupancy of the house, the Conditions Report released April, 1996 documented the existing condition of the property, the main house (former courthouse), the kitchen building (former jail) and the carriage house. Recommendations for stabilization, repair, estimated construction costs, and opinions of the noted professionals became the basis of work for the next three phases: Phase two - restoration of the Hammond House and grounds, Phase Three - restoration of the kitchen building, and Phase Four - restoration of the carriage house and its grounds.

Now known as Ingraham Castle Bed and Breakfast, The Hammond House is owned and operated by Dennis and Rebecca Joyce.

Architect and Professional of Record: Tom Hines
Owner: Mr. Bill Norton
Architectural Firm: HSI Consulting Architects
Structural: Robertson Consulting Engineers
Geotechnical Investigation: Buchanan/Soil Mechanics, Inc.
Restoration Consultant: Mid-Continental Restoration Co.
Mechanical, Electrial, & Plumbing: Swoboda Engineering