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Riverbend Office Building

Fort Worth, Texas

Client: Mosier View Property, LLC - Landlord
Location: Riverbend 1 Office Building
7524 Mosier View Court, Suite 101
Fort Worth, Texas
Project Type: Commercial - Energy Management
  • Two floors - 30,000 SF
  • Replace all interior and exterior light fixtures
  • Replace the HVAC controls with a building automation system (BAS)
  • Replace all 45 fan-powered (FPB) and variable air volume (VAV) units


After purchasing the property in 2015, Ownership contacted Tom Hines, Architect requesting an in-depth Building Conditions Report prioritizing recommendations, phase implementation, Opinion of Probable Construction Cost (OPCC), and potential Return-On-Investment (ROI). The first priority was to replace all the exterior lighting (metal halide light fixtures) and all the interior light fixtures (2'x4' recessed troffer fluorescent with 32 watt bulbs) with appropriate fixtures LED bulbs. Immediately the lighting energy dropped fifty percent with an ROI of eight months.

An incomplete HVAC control system allowed the two fifty-ton Roof Top Air Units (RTUs) to operate uncontrolled and the fans running full speed. Due to the age of all the FPBs (original to the 1986 construction) comfort of heating and cooling was all manual. Installation of a new BAS immediately harnessed the fan energy to a monthly energy savings of fifteen (15) percent.

Replacing the forty-five (45) FPBs will result in consistent heating and cooling comfort for every area of the building and lower HVAC operation costs.

Principal: Tom Hines
Owner/Contractor: Mosier View Property, LLC
Architect, Interior Design: Tom Hines, Architect
Mechanical Engineer: Arnold Engineering, LLP
Electrical: Mosier View Property, LLC